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Tungsten vs. Titanium

Being two of the most popular choices for wedding bands these days, it is easy to get lost and confused in the differences between tungsten and titanium. There are several misconceptions and misunderstandings that have taken hold in the minds of jewelry buyers. For this reason, it is necessary to compare the two types of ring from many different angles; durability, appearance, weight, and how long they last. It is well known that tungsten is harder than titanium. Should any great amount of stress come upon the ring suddenly, you are much more likely to save on the trip to the jeweler with a tungsten ring. If you get your finger jammed under a heavy weight, or in a door, a titanium ring will bend. A tungsten ring will most likely stay firmly intact, without a scratch, and if it’s an extreme amount of pressure, it will crack, resulting in a much better outcome for your finger. Tungsten rings that contain carbide are extremely resilient to tarnish. While a titanium ring fades and scratched after a few years of regular wear, a tungsten ring with carbide will maintain its polished shine for decades. It almost never has to be taken in for a professional polish. A quick rub with a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust is all it takes to make the ring sparkle. A huge contrast between the two is in their respective weights. Titanium is very lightweight, while tungsten is a much heavier metal. Some people may prefer the light ring, but it’s possible that after a while they might just forget that it is on their hand. A heavier tungsten ring is a constant reminder of the wedding vows, and is a symbol to never take your promise lightly. In 50 years, when you look down at your hand, what type of memory will it bring? Will it be faded and vague, with scratches here and there and smudges all over? Or will it be crystal clear, like the day was only yesterday? The tungsten carbide ring simply lasts. Over years of wear and tear it will retain its glossy finish in its entirety. When titanium or any other type of ring will diminish in its aesthetic beauty, a tungsten carbide ring lives on, reflecting the clear memory of your loving vows for the rest of your life.

Titanium vs. Tungsten

Titanium is a jewelry metal that is more similar to tungsten jewelry in quality, style, and price than gold or silver. However, there are still quite a few differences between tungsten carbide rings and titanium rings. One of the biggest differences between titanium and tungsten rings is the difference in strength. While titanium is a very strong metal, it can still be cut through, such as in an emergency situation where the ring needs to be removed but won’t slip off easily. Tungsten carbide rings can still be removed, but the metal is so strong it must be cracked into pieces to get the ring off. While the prices of tungsten rings and titanium rings are similar in most cases, tungsten is still a stronger metal. This is just one of the reasons tungsten carbide men’s rings are becoming a very popular style of jewelry for those who aren’t easy on their jewelry.


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